[ARIN-Suggestions] Response to Suggestion 2012.11: DNSSEC IMPROVEMENTS

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Mon Sep 22 14:54:46 EDT 2014

ARIN has issued a response to ACSP Suggestion 2012.11. The suggestion 
and response text are provided below. This suggestion is now closed and 
is available at:



Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Suggestion: *

On page https://www.arin.net/public/secure/resources/editDsRecords.xhtml 
why do you not expect/allow the TTL field?

Instead of my having to tick the resources for which i want to upload DS 
and then upload each DS, how about i upload the set of DS RRs and you 
figure it out? e.g. what i want to do should be really easy to decode 
from the appended. in fact, you are doing it already.

150.180.198.in-addr.arpa. 3600 IN DS 13214 8 2 
151.180.198.in-addr.arpa. 3600 IN DS 35737 8 2 
152.180.198.in-addr.arpa. 3600 IN DS 11675 8 2 
153.180.198.in-addr.arpa. 3600 IN DS 30242 8 2 
230.83.192.in-addr.arpa. 3600 IN DS 37144 8 2 
206.133.198.in-addr.arpa. 3600 IN DS 4135 8 2 


14 June 2012

This suggestion is reasonable and we plan on adding it to the list of 
outstanding projects awaiting prioritization found at: 

Please note that we will be consulting the ARIN community to help access 
prioritization of improvements of existing systems as well as additional 
services that the community desires. This will be fed back into ARIN's 
planning process for scheduling development resources to complete the 

ARIN will keep this suggestion open until it is completed.

22 September 2014

We are pleased to inform you that with our most recent deployment, a TTL 
field has been added for both NS's and DS's in ARIN Online.

For bulk RR loading, TTLs can also be entered using Reg-RWS for both NS 
and DS records. The rdns command in ARINcli 
(http://projects.arin.net/arinr/rdns.1.html) is one such tool that can 
read in zone files and upload them through Reg-RWS. This tool, or others 
like it, could be modified to include TTLs.

We are closing this suggestion as completed, and thank you for your 
participation in the ARIN Suggestion and Consultation Process.
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