[ARIN-Suggestions] Response to Suggestion 2014.20: TRANSPARENCY OF ARIN BOARD OF TRUSTEES ACTIONS

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Tue Jul 22 10:38:10 EDT 2014

ARIN has issued its initial response to ACSP Suggestion 2014.20. The 
suggestion and response text are provided below. This suggestion remains 
open and is available at:



Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Suggestion: *

Increase awareness and transparency of ARIN Board of Trustees actions.

1) Take detailed minutes of ARIN Board meetings along the lines of what 
is done for the ARIN AC.

2)Publish Board of Trustees agenda 7 days in advance of a Board meeting.

3) Send notice of Board meeting and agenda to ARIN ppml 7 days in 
advance of Board meeting.

4) Send Board meeting minutes to ppml after existing review period, as 
is does for AC minutes. (Documenting the minute review periods on the 
ARIN website would also be nice)

Value to Community: These steps will increase accountability of Board 
actions, as well as provide the community increased awareness and 
transparency of Board actions.


Thank you for your suggestion, numbered 2014.20, regarding increased 
awareness and transparency of ARIN Board of Trustees actions.

We will deliver this suggestion as a formal agenda item at an upcoming 
ARIN Board of Trustees meeting for consideration. ARIN staff will follow 
Board guidance on the suggestion.

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Suggestion and Consultation 
Process. We will keep this suggestion open until it has been reviewed 
and considered by the ARIN Board of Trustees.
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