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Mon Oct 28 16:36:11 EDT 2013

ARIN has received 4 new suggestions.  These suggestions remain open and 
are available at the links below.


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)


*ACSP Suggestion 2013.21: Expanded and Detailed List of Engineering 
Projects [New]*


ARIN should publish online, a list of all engineering projects. Items 
should be ranked according to prioritization, along with their estimated 
cost, expected implementation date and any other milestones/status. 
Items that have not yet been prioritized should be displayed at the 
bottom of the list with an annotation that it has been accepted but not 

There is no public place where the community can see what features ARIN 
engineering is working on and when to expect them. There are many items 
in the ARIN suggestion box that have been in approved and prioritized 
but remain in limbo for several years. There is a public list of items 
that have not yet been prioritized (https://www.arin.net/features/#tbd) 
Some of these items have been in unprioritized state for over a year. 
ARIN probably has their own internal list of features beyond those 
requested by the community. The community should be able to see the full 
slate of features being worked and hold ARIN accountable to quarterly or 
semi-annual deliverables.
This table will be updated quarterly, or more frequently if updates are 
available. All unreasonable / unfeasible requests will recorded, and a 
detailed explanation of why they are unreasonable and/or unfeasible will 
be published.

*ACSP Suggestion 2013.22: Sunsetting of RWhois Support [New]*


With the new restful services now available to organizations, perhaps 
now is the time to consider sun-setting the old rwhois support.
This is not a request for ARIN to immediately remove support for rwhois 
but a request for ARIN to engage the community to determine if a 
timeline should be set to deprecate support for rwhois.

*ACSP Suggestion 2013.24: Low Glycemic Index Snacks at ARIN Meetings [New]*


It would be nice if there were some low glycemic index snacks provided 
at the breaks and meals. At this meeting, most of the meals had some 
valid alternatives, but the vast majority of the breaks were carbs, 
carbs, or other carbs, or fruit (which is generally high in fructose, 
which is a sugar).
Given the growing proportion of the ARIN community which is diabetic or 
likely to become diabetic in the coming years, I think it would be worth 
while to make the meetings more diabetic friendly.

*ACSP Suggestion 2013.20: Auto-Fill Billing Contact Data [New*]


When paying an invoice through ARIN-online, I should not have to 
re-enter my billing information. There should be a check-box to populate 
that data from my billing contact record.
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