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ARIN has issued its response to ACSP Suggestion 2011.22. The suggestion 
and response text are provided below. This suggestion is now closed and 
is available at:



Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Suggestion: *

Reading PPML is now impossible because the traffic is to high and the 
signal to noise ratio is too low.
I would lke to sugges using a blog/wiki instead to discuss new proposal.

The 'owner' of a proposal would have a top post explaining the idea, 
there would be discussions following up in blog comment format. If 
shepherds are assigned, the 'pro' shepherd would be in charge of 
updating the top post with summary of new arguments and the 'con' 
shepherd will update a side box with a summary of the 'cons'.

That way, I could come and have a summary of the proposal and the 
pros/cons arguments in just one view. I'm not interested in the 100th 
repeat of the same point, but in the collection of the pros and cons point.

I have to say that I've now stopped reading PPML, and I hope such a 
system could be put in place very quickly.


The ARIN Advisory Council has formed an Improve Communications Group 
(ICG) to improve policy related discussions in general. Your suggestion 
has been provided to the ICG as input into their effort. The ICG will be 
reporting progress periodically at ARIN Public Policy Consultations and 
Public Policy and Member Meetings and therefore you will be able to 
provide additional input as well as monitor progress at those events. 
Note that you can participate remotely if you are unable to attend in 
person. Since this suggestion has been provided to the ICG and is now 
part of their deliberations, this suggestion is now closed.
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