[ARIN-Suggestions] Update to Suggestion 2013.27 - POC VALIDATION MESSAGING DESTINATION

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Thu Dec 12 11:16:15 EST 2013

ARIN has issued an update to ACSP Suggestion 2013.27. The suggestion and 
response text are provided below. This suggestion remains open and is 
available at:



Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Suggestion: *

POC validation should be sent to my actual email address, not some 
"message center" thing I never see inside ARIN online.

Initial Response:

25 November 2013

Following discussion with the submitter, we are posting a modification 
to the wording of Suggestion 2013.27t. The modified text read
as follows:

POC validation notification should be modified to first try the email
address. If the POC has not been validated within a period of time, the
validation message will also be sent into ARIN Online's message center.

*Updated Response:*
04 December 2013

The clarified and modified version of this suggestion is reasonable, and 
we plan on adding it to the list of outstanding projects awaiting 
prioritization found at: https://www.arin.net/features/#tbd

Please note that we will be consulting the ARIN community to help access 
prioritization of improvements of existing systems, as well as 
additional services that the community desires. This will be fed back 
into ARIN's planning process for scheduling development resources to 
complete the suggestion. ARIN will keep this suggestion open until it is 

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