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Ron Grant ron+arin-ppml at balansoft.com
Sun May 7 14:46:48 EDT 2023

And while I ALSO agree with this sentiment, I think that the ship has 
sailed on the whole question of "what can people do with their IP 
address space". You say it yourself - if you start to insist on people 
not leasing their waitlist-obtained resources, why not just ban leasing 
altogether? But how to retroactively do that? And what about all that 
legacy space that you have no legal control over?

Until the IRRs get firmly into the "we control the routing tables" 
business (shudder), they have very little say in what people actually 
do. What about the guy who gets addresses from the waitlist but then 
decides not to expand his business, and doesn't route the addresses AT 
ALL? Isn't that arguably WORSE than letting someone else use them (100% 
waste of resource)? And yet, because he's not "making money", it's 
somehow better?

On 2023-05-05 9:04 a.m., Michael B. Williams via ARIN-PPML wrote:
> I'd go a step further even to say there should be an explicit policy 
> statement *against* the leasing of IP space from entities who obtain 
> IP space from the waitlist. Even further, if an entity obtains IP 
> space from the waitlist, it should have to attest that they are not 
> leasing its IP space to another entity. I believe in the community's 
> efficient use of IP space, so perhaps if an entity is not using its 
> entire IP space, it should hand the corresponding blocks back to ARIN 
> or alternatively let ARIN govern a fair and acceptable method to lease 
> IP space. Still, it should *not* be for profit.
> On Fri, May 5, 2023 at 11:58 AM Michael B. Williams 
> <Michael.Williams at glexia.com> wrote:
>     Are you asking if an entity were to obtain IP space from the
>     waitlist, should they be permitted to lease it to someone else? My
>     answer is a resounding no. That defeats the whole purpose of the
>     waitlist. Entities should not be encouraged to hoard IP space
>     because ARIN will subsidise the cost, allowing a for-profit entity
>     to make money from obtaining IP space.
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