[arin-ppml] RPKI for Reallocations

Job Snijders job at fastly.com
Tue Jun 27 10:44:29 EDT 2023

Hi all,

On Sun, Jun 25, 2023 at 01:06:47PM -0500, Brian Knight via ARIN-PPML wrote:
> If I understand the below right, the assigner / upstream may delegate
> authority (create ROAs) to originate the route, but may not delegate
> management of that authority to the assignee.
> I'm saying it may be helpful to have delegation of management as well. If I,
> the assigner, could perhaps issue a cryptographic delegation of management
> to an assignee for specific prefixes A, B, ..., N, I no longer have to
> manage the delegation of authority (the ROAs) on behalf of my customer; my
> customer can just create & manage it themselves.
> Perhaps combined with that cryptographic object from the assigner, an
> assignee's ROAs for those prefixes could be validated. The assigner is still
> attesting to the validity of the assignment, just indirectly. The
> cryptographic object I'm imagining would state that the assigner delegates
> management of a set of prefixes to an assignee, establishing a chain of
> trust between the two.
> Managing ROAs isn't an onerous workload for me in particular. But it may be
> for others. It would also more closely match what is possible in IRR.

It seems a reasonable enhancement request to ask ARIN to enable folks to
delegate full RPKI authority to the receipient of SWIPed space.

For some parties it would be a time-saver: "go create/maintain your ROAs
yourself!", but it wouldn't be for everyone. I can also imagine that as
part of the SWIP agreement the receipient may only originate from a
specific ASN for a specific purpose and is not authorized to change

I'd like to encourage ARIN to investigate possible enhancements to the
delegation of RPKI management in the Hosted environment (rpki.arin.net).

Kind regards,


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