[arin-ppml] Tenfold fee increases?

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Fri Jun 2 17:03:33 EDT 2023


“All that said, I couldn’t find any justification for the increase from $1,000 to $10,000. If there is justification or other details regarding the increase, I’d appreciate a pointer to them.”



Hi David,


Reading the new contract it’s clear that ARIN’s intention here is to avoid any liability through imputed approval of listed brokers.

So there is a twofold  approach. First, have all the brokers more explicitly abjure any legal connection with ARIN and second, reduced the likelihood of a problem by filtering out risky brokers.


I wonder if the board became spooked by something.  Seems like even bolder disclaimers on the broker page could have handled the liability risk, but IANAL.


It brings to mind this suggestion: https://www.arin.net/vault/participate/acsp/suggestions/2018-20-suggestion.pdf


Speaking as a broker who can easily qualify, this will certainly benefit us as it will limit our competitor’s access.

And not just small brokers, but overseas brokers! Thanks ARIN, we can be listed brokers at the other trading RIRs, and also at ARIN!

So you can’t be a sole proprietor because you need two responsible contacts. And you have to be organized as a business.

There are a few brokers I know who are good brokers, but not really full-time brokers, who are on the list.

Anyway, the insurance requirement, the background checks, the $10K annual fee, all these make sense if you understand the intention of reducing ARIN risk exposure.

The loss of small and overseas brokers, the reduced competition, well those are collateral damages that the board seems to have accepted.


I do agree with David that $100 was too low and with Tom (and many other brokers) that $10,000 is too high. And that there should be some venue for discussion of fees. 


I wonder why ARIN alone feels this pressure, the other RIR broker lists don’t seem to.




PS I am not buying the argument that ARIN feels compelled to do this to protect innocent members from bad brokers, but I will admit that could be a motivation

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