[arin-ppml] Re-thinking Section 8.5.6

A N anita.nikolich at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 16:44:49 EDT 2023

On behalf of the ARIN AC Policy Experience Working Group, and in response
to the Policy Implementation and Experience Report presented at ARIN 51,
we're looking for input on a possible proposed revamp of NRPM Section 8.5.6
"Efficient Utilization of Previous Blocks".

The crux of the issue is there are very large orgs that could have a /8 or
more of unused space, yet still qualify for more based on the current
policy ("must have efficiently utilized at least 50%"). Smaller orgs with
more immediate needs are in competition for the space, and prices are
driven up.

The Working Group would like some input on this before drafting a proposal.
Input or thoughts are welcome about:
- should the utilization be raised, and if so, to what threshold?
- should utilization criteria be tied to the size of the org, in other
words tiered?
- any other thoughts.

Thanks much!
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