[arin-ppml] Wait List Space - Feedback Requested

WOOD Alison * DAS Alison.WOOD at das.oregon.gov
Fri Jan 27 16:35:33 EST 2023


The Policy Experience Report Working Group has been working on the Policy Experience Report from ARIN 50.  I would appreciate your feedback on the following issue regarding transferring waitlist space.

The current wait list criteria is:

  *   Must have a /20 or less in total IPv4 holdings.
  *   May request up to a /22.
  *   Removed from list if IPv4 received via 8.3/8.4 transfer.
  *   Received ip space is eligible for needs-based transfer after five years.

The Policy Experience Working Group would like your feedback on a potential policy idea: With waiting list times being in years, should an org be eligible to get a small block (e.g. /24) via 8.3/8.4 and stay on the waiting list?

The working group appreciates your feedback.

Thank you!

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