[arin-ppml] Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2021-8: Deprecation of the ‘Autonomous System Originations’ Field

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> The data is largely missing.
> What’s not missing is largely inaccurate.
> If anyone is relying on it for any purpose, that’s bad.
> If we take away the bad data, then we can be sure that nobody is relying
> upon it. That’s good.
> What am I missing?
> Owen

Additionally, as said in the problem statement of ARIN-2021-8 the ORIGIN-AS
field it is difficult to consume; there are better options now, ARIN's
authenticated IRR and RPKI. Furthermore, the field is not well-formed from
a data typing perspective; it's just a text field. Additionally, when you
have multiple sources of data, it is easy for those data sources to have
different and conflicting data. I believe long term the best thing to do is
to eliminate the ORIGIN-AS field in favor of the more well-formed and
authoritative data in ARIN’s authenticated IRR and in RPKI. Also, at the
ARIN 50 microphone, Rob Seastrom mentioned the policy that created this
field and Sandra Murphy's original slides; here are links to them;


The only question in my mind has been, what is the right timetable for
deprecating the ORIGIN-AS field? Currently, some legacy resource holders
don’t have access to ARIN’s authenticated IRR or to RPKI and only can use
the ORIGIN-AS field. However, with the recent changes to the RSA/LRSA and
the deadline to take advantage of the legacy fee cap, legacy resource
holders should be properly incentivized to sign an LRSA and resolve this
contracting issue well within the current timetable for implementation of
this policy. See the following ARIN Announcements;


I support this Recommended Draft Policy as written.

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