[arin-ppml] Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2021-3: Private AS Number and Unique Routing Policy Clarifications

Martin Hannigan hannigan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 23:05:50 EDT 2022

On Tue, Mar 22, 2022 at 4:17 PM John Santos <john at egh.com> wrote:

> We are doing exactly that: exchanging routing information with one of our
> customers using BGP routing over a private network (multiple, redundant
> circuits using different ISPs at our end and two different geographically
> dispersed sites at our customer's end.)  We are using one of the private
> ASNs,
> which works fine for our purposes, but if multiple customers wanted to do
> the
> same thing, we might need to avoid colliding the private ASNs to prevent
> route-through to our customers' other vendors or from one customer to
> another.
> Only one customer has dynamic networking, with multiple possible routes;
> all our
> other customers are configured with static routing.
> So right now we don't need an assigned ASN, but we might someday.

Which means there's a plausible use case for avoiding private ASN's much
like avoiding using RFC 1918 (or squatting).

> There is no "Upstream" involved. the networks are peer-to-peer.  I think
> this is
> (or would be if there were more peers) an example of what Andrew is
> describing.
> I think Owen is saying the two items (first and third of the reasons to
> justify
> a public ASN) are equivalent and the third is fewer words and easier to
> understand.  The 1st reason doesn't apply if there is no Upstream, so they
> aren't equivalent.  However, I'm not sure the first reason is a proper
> subset of
> the third.  (If it were, then the first reason would be redundant.)
> Don't know if I'm clarifying the question or muddying the waters.

Owen has been in the room for the "Is it partial transit, paid peering,
on-net peering, selective peering or partial or full transit" arguments.
'Peer' encompasses all of them as I understood what he wrote fully.

If one really understands the business they know that every ISP, CDN, cloud
and other network _gladly_ accepts* any single-homed network that is
willing to engage in the service.

Warm regards,


*please don't go down a rat hole of "any". If you know, you know.
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