[arin-ppml] Spammers Plead Guilty, Company Forfeits $4.9 Million

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Mon Jun 13 22:41:41 EDT 2022

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Jo Rhett <geek at jorhett.com> wrote:

>Before any of you jump up to say they also had to pay $3million against
>their revenue...

Just FYI -- If I have understood everything that I have read correctly,
then the -company- that these crooks were working for, Amobee, has had to
pay nearly $5 million dollars as a result of these proceedings.  (That
itself seems a bit inexplicable to me, given that the company itself was
not charged with any crime, at least none that I am aware of.  But I guess
that there are many things about this case that I do not know and that the
U.S. Department of justice has not seen fit to publicly share.)

I might mention also that perhaps ARIN, or someone else, may yet file a formal
bar complaint against one of the four charged defendants, Mr. Mark Manoogian.

My understanding is that Mr. Manoogian is and remains a member in good
standing of the Massachusetts state bar, despite apparently residing in

I would file such a complain myself, but I am not personally an aggrieved
party in any of these matters, and thus, I have neither any basis nor
any legal standing to file such a formal bar complaint.  It would seem to
me however that, in contrast my own personal situation, ARIN, Inc. would
and does have standing to file a formal bar complaint about Mr. Manoogian.
Whether ARIN management or the ARIN Board elect to do so is, of course,
a matter for their good judgement.


P.S.  It has also been suggested to me privately that two of the four named
defendants are not in fact even U.S. citizens.  If that is accuarate, then
I for one will hope that the DOJ seeks to have them physically removed
from the country.  (I think that we have an ample supply of home-grown
crooks such that we do not really need any additional imports.)

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