[arin-ppml] Spammers Plead Guilty, Company Forfeits $4.9 Million

Jo Rhett geek at jorhett.com
Sun Jun 12 15:48:01 EDT 2022

Wow, that's truly a CAN-SPAM judgment. After a long list of a decade of crimes committed we see this summary:
“These defendants spent years illegally sending billions of spam emails nationwide which made millions of dollars,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge Stacey Moy. “The FBI remains committed to pursuing these criminal conspiracies, no matter how long it takes, and holding them accountable in a court of law. 

Hold them accountable? You call THIS (below) accountable?
In exchange for misdemeanor pleas, the defendants have each agreed to admit their involvement in the scheme, to undertake 100 hours of community service, and to pay a maximum $100,000 fine.

Now keep in mind that none of them spent time in jail. So let's put this together: your enterprise makes millions of dollars breaking the laws for a decade... and it costs you a misdemeanor, less than 13 days of community service, and $100,000? That's not even a slap on a wrist. That's downright positive encouragement. Do you really think any of them are going to not go right back into this business?

I've seen teenagers face years in prison for one evening of poor decisions. Seriously, teens who steal cars get bigger sentences than this, and have to live with felony records for the rest of their lives. These misdemeanors can be removed from the public record in as little as 3 years. These career criminals were given a go-right-ahead, nothing to worry about here.

Before any of you jump up to say they also had to pay $3million against their revenue, I seriously doubt that 3 million is all they made and the article makes that clear as well. $100,000 x 3 is exactly the app store fee for doing $1 million in business. I'd happily pay that if I took in a single million dollars... and the article straight up says they made significantly more.

I'm going to find out who Stacey Moy is, and engage people who can do something about why someone not competent is letting their (likely) buddies go with less than a slap on the wrist. 

Jo Rhett
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