[arin-ppml] ARIN public participation

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Fri Jun 10 21:13:54 EDT 2022

In message <922521a2-ac85-5cf3-8238-8de382f11e61 at gmail.com>, 
Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at gmail.com> wrote:

>AfriNic trouble has been just an great example how economic interests 
>may try to force things to malfunction in the benefit of a few actors 
>and we all here that discuss proposals with the aim to have consensus on 
>them should be able to have easy access to these kind of episodes and 
>take that into account as well...

I should begin by apologizing to any and all list members for having started
this thread here, given that this whole topic is, as John C. has noted,
arguably off topic.  I also do apologize if any on my own statements here
have been improperly personal, although I do not, at present, recall any
that were.  (Please feel free to correct me off-list if I am merely failing
to remember.)

That all having been said, it is improbable that anyone who has been on this
list for any length of time will be ignorant of my own personal preferences,
and in particular my personal preference that the greatest possible latitude
should be accorded to any arguably relevant discussions here, subject, of
course, to the need for proper decorum.

I am compelled also to note my agreement with the point made by Fernando
and quoted again above.

We here in the United States are now and have been for some time passing
through a fiery trial that will light us all down, in honor or dishonor,
to the latest generation.  As we now know, this conflict was, in many
respects, both borne from and suckled by the innumerable and often subtle
ambiguities of both our country's founding documents and our subsequently
ratified national statutes.

Innumerable parties, seeking after their own personal interests, have in
recent years methodically sought to exploit all these ambiguities to their
own advantage.  And it is true, I believe, that an arguably analogous script
is now playing out within the AFRINIC region and with respect to its
established organs of governance.

One obviously hopes that no such scenario will ever arise with respect to
ARIN, but the old adage "Forewarned is forarmed" comes immediately to mind.
This is certainly one of the reasons for my original post in this thread.

It may be of use, I think, for the membership and for any and all parties
involved in ARIN policy development to be aware of the possibility that
any cracks or loopholes in either the policies or the legal constitution
of ARIN could, in theory and perhaps even in practice, be turned against
the best interests of the membership.


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