[arin-ppml] Member Existance Documentation (or the lack thereof)

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Thu Jul 28 21:10:22 EDT 2022

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Martin Hannigan <hannigan at gmail.com> wrote:

>On Thu, Jul 28, 2022 at 15:56 Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com>
>> So you don't think that vetting members should be rightfully construed as
>> an important matter of policy?

OK, well, you're entitled to your opinion.

I would argue however that the entirety of Sections 8.2 and 9 of the NPRM
are dedicated to being explicit about who gets what and under what exact

Now, if I say to John "ARIN ought to have a policy to make sure organizations
are validly constituted and are who they say they are" then he will say to
me "OK, fine.  That's a policy matter, so propose a policy."  Meanwhile
_you_ will say "That is a mere administrative matter, and doesn't need to be
specified in a policy."

Congratulations!  You seem to have worked out a foolproof two-pronged strategy
for insuring total inaction on anything that doesn't suit your personal tastes.
A really admirable example of Catch 22.


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