[arin-ppml] Deceased Companies?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Jul 26 17:22:37 EDT 2022

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>> John you _seem_ to be agreeing that that if a corporate entity that was a member and
>> resource holder has become dissolved by default (or if natural person which was a
>> resource holder has died) and if the relevant resources are still in use, that ARIN
>> would, quite reasonably, attempt to make contact with the current user of said resources
>> and that ARIN would ask that current user (or those current users) to provide some
>> legal documentation which would legally and definitively indicate the identity (or
>> the identities) of the heirs, successors, or assigns of the now-former member.  Is
>> that a correct reading of your statements, or am I inferring too much?
>No, you are not inferring too much  -  your statement is correct regarding resources
>reported to ARIN that were issued to an organization that has since dissolved. 
>> And are you also asserting that in the absence of any timely production of such
>> documentation, ARIN would reclaim all relevant number resources and terminate the
>> associated (now defunct) membership?
>Also correct - we do use an extra degree of caution when it comes to resources that are 
>actively routed; it doesn't change the outcome but does provide another lead to pursue 
>and potentially evidence of actual customers that might be impacted. 

OK, NOW we are finally getting somewhere!

So let me just ask two more clarifying questions:

1)  What sort of time frame are we talking about for the "timely production" of
documentation which would demonstrate, legally and conclusively, who or what
the legal successor of a given now-defunct company is?  Patience is a virtue,
but there has to be some limit.  So what are we talking about here?  Six days?
Six weeks?  Six months?  Six years?  And how much aditional time, after that
time period, will ARIN require in order to actually perform the resource reclamation?

2)  If ARIN obtains "evidence of actual customers that might be impacted" does that
mean that the membership of the dead company WON'T be terminated by ARIN and/or that
the relevant resources WON'T be reclaimed?  Does the reclamation become an "optional"
thing for ARIN if there exists one or more parties who will or might be impacted?


P.S.  Assuming that ARIN, in its expert estimation, comes to the conclusion that
there does exist a legal successor organization for a given dead resource member,
and assuming that ARIN then, quite properly, assigns (or, if you prefer, "reassigns")
the resources to that successor organization, how would anyone who is not an ARIN
staff member know that all this had taken place?

To put it another way, if a former and now-defunct ARIN member falls in the forrest,
and if there is no requirement to make any changes in the associated public-facing
WHOIS record(s) after the dead company's membership and resources are reassigned to
some successor entity, then how would anyone outside of ARIN even know that any actual
reassignment had taken place?

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