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I think we are talking about number resources here not the individual numbers.
Predecessor entities (pre ARIN) made commitments for the "Number Resources" that were allocated.

Paul –

It might be helpful if you could provide that list of commitments, and the source of each?

ARIN assumed those responsibilities and commitments and agreed not to alter them. ie. continue to route "all" number resources that had been previously assigned by Pre-ARIN entities.

Wow.  ARIN does not route your address blocks, and ARIN has no authority to command
that those who do route (or don’t route) your address blocks do so.  ARIN only administers
the registry – ISPs decide what blocks to route based on their needs and business practices.

ARIN keeps trying to stop honoring or threaten to stop honoring these agreed to commitments they made.

Again, a list of those commitments your believe you were promised might be quite helpful
to this discussion...

I’m fairly aware of the commitments that ARIN made at inception –  it certainly includes having
an open and transparent process for the community to set number resource policy and then
operating the registry according to that policy.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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