[arin-ppml] Deceased Companies?

Paul E McNary pmcnary at cameron.net
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That is why I always say John uses "Inside The Beltway" Non-Responsive language.
He just stated to me that number resources are probate-able.
That means something that has value to the estate or heirs.
Normally property. Legacy resources were issued without contract.
So contract law is not valid and it would be over 25 years old.
So property law should attach.
I think I hear John saying that, but I need an interpreter/lawyer for anything John says.
You asked him a specific question with a non-responsive answer as I always get from him.

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> Then why the threat?

Hi Paul,

In my opinion? ARIN has a legal house of cards built on the premise
that there are no property rights in IP addresses. It's "true" until a
court says otherwise so they want to give the court as few reasons as
possible to say otherwise. Like any legal threat, the idea is to keep
the matter out of court be gaining compliance.

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