[arin-ppml] Privacy of ARIN registry data (was: Re: Reclamation of Number Resources)

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Jul 19 23:27:24 EDT 2022

In message <YQXPR01MB632662072F80D1A4244002E39B8F9 at YQXPR01MB6326.CANPRD01.PROD.
OUTLOOK.COM>, Adam Thompson <athompson at merlin.mb.ca> wrote:

>> As I've already noted, the Europeans have brilliantly constructed for
>> themselves a world in which none of their citizens can even know anymore
>> if they are living nextdoor to a serial child rapist.
>> This is not the path that I want to go down.  Is this the path that YOU
>> want to go down John?
>Yes, yes, yes.  I absolutely DO want to go down that path.

Noted.  You are entitled to your preferences, which in many jurisdictions
includes not being at all obliged to wear a face mask during a deadly
global pandemic.  Others of us however may have some different feelings
about how society (and the Internet) should function in order to best
serve the common good.

>ARIN is entirely justified in, as a policy, *not* enabling lynch mobs or
>vigilante justice in general.  Vigilantism represents, and also contributes
>to, a breakdown of order in the governmental and structural mechanisms...

So simple requests for information now represent "vigilante justice"?

Please do continue.  I am facinated.

>Have you realized that your emails resemble vigilantism more and more,
>with every accusation you publicly level?

No, I'm sorry, I don't.  I presented a set of facts which quite certainly
_may_ have represented a possible instance in which ARIN made a small
mistake.  As John has now explained, it didn't.  How you made the leap
from that rather simple inquiry to "vigilantism" is frankly beyond me.

>Let me re-state that more specifically: your continuation of an extremely
>vocal one-man crusade to eliminate all manner of false pretense from the
>internet is not helping.

Your opinion is noted.  Other people appreciate the work I have done, and
the work that I am doing.

>By constantly questioning and challenging it, you are eroding the very
>authority ARIN has to handle the problem.  You're dismantling, one
>microscopic bit at a time, the only entity with the authority to
>help you accomplish your goal!

I hardly think so.  ARIN is functioning today just as well as it did two
weeks ago.  I haven't "dismantled" anything.

I understand that there are a lot of people in society who feel that citizens
should never question anything that is done by people in positions of
authority.  You are apparently one of them.  I am not.  And indeed, I am
and remain proud of the fact that I do so, even when no one else will.
(As you are perhaps not aware, I uncovered and exposed a rather sizable
scandal in another region precisely because I _did_ question authority
when others were loath to do so.)


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