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On 18 Jul 2022, at 9:55 AM, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com<mailto:rfg at tristatelogic.com>> wrote:
P.S. I'm not sure that I ever saw from you a crisp answer to the question
"How many times has ARIN enforced policy against a member in cases that
(a) did not involve the non-payment of fees and that also (b) did not
involve criminal fraud?" Is that number zero?

It’s non-zero - I noted that such policy enforcement can and does occur for reasons other than
criminal fraud and non-payment (per the attached 7 July 2022 reply to you & arin-ppml)

A specific number of occurrences was not provided.


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Yes, revocations can occur for violations of the ARIN’s number resource policy manual (NRPM)) for any
resource in the ARIN registry) and/or violations of one’s registration services agreement, if applicable.

(I would note in particular that NRPM section 12 "Resource Review” requires cooperation with any request
from ARIN for reasonable related documentation, and failure to comply with policy can result in revocation.

I hope this information is helpful to your number resource policy efforts,
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