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  Hopefully this works out well and any type of information brought to any
  RIR in such manner gets investigated and in the worst case scenario
  resources get revoked as they should.

No - parties that wish to bring information necessitating a review of a
resource request should use the described reporting process, as ARIN will not
act off allegations of this nature made on ARIN-ppml nor are such allegations
conformant with the purpose of this mailing list.

On that last point John, are you asserting that it is somehow non-germane
to the ARIN public policy list to discuss here possible deviations, by ARIN,
of its enforcement of policy?

Ronald -

If you wish to have investigation of a particular resource request for possible Internet number
resource fraud or a “possible deviation of policy enforcement by ARIN”,  please utilize the
aforementioned Internet Number resource fraud reporting process –

(ARIN will not publicly discuss the specific implementation of policy with regard to any party or
their associated resource requests, so do not raise these on the arin-ppml mailing list.)

Are you unilaterally defining the purpose of this mailing list to only
include the _formulation_ of policy but never its associated enforcement?

Not at all - If you wish to discuss a policy-related enforcement issue _in general_ (whether due
to existing policy language or ARIN’s implementation of same), feel free to utilize the arin-ppml
mailing list for that purpose.

Note that ARIN reports back on implementation issues with policy both in the Policy Experience
Reports provided at each ARIN meeting as well as quarterly summaries of fraud report findings -
https://www.arin.net/reference/tools/fraud_report/results/, and these can be great starting points
for raising implementation concerns.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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