[arin-ppml] Reclamation of Number Resources

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Sat Jul 16 06:16:02 EDT 2022

On 16 Jul 2022, at 2:48 AM, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com<mailto:rfg at tristatelogic.com>> wrote:
As I have stated, it is my belief that both ARIN members and the Internet
using public at large would be best served if ARIN would simply give a
thumbs up / thumbs down at the end of any such review it performs. It can
phrase these concluding pronouncements in the manner I have suggested,
i.e. by simply saying that ARIN either will reclaim resources (and/or
terminate a membership) or that it declines to do so at the present time.
(It need not explain or elaborate in any way on any such decision.)

Despite the failure to submit a report, a review was done in this case, and as I reported –
"The resource request was reviewed and it was found to be issued correctly.  “


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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