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> John
> You keep using the word fraud.
> This is not an issue of fraud by my understanding but ARIN POLICY.
> Please correct your misuse of your language. PLEASE

Oy vey.

It almost seems like people don't know how ARIN works.  :(

Look, let's talk in plain and simple language.

When you apply for number resources, you're doing so based on your
current *and forecasted* needs for up to two years in the future. [0]

When ARIN staff reviews your submission, they're looking at your
*plans* for the future to evaluate whether those plans fit with the
NRPM requirements.

They cannot see into the future.

If you say "In the next two years, I plan to have a backbone spanning
much of the continental US radiating out from my headquarters in Nevis",
how would you propose ARIN POLICY (your capitalization) be changed
to allow ARIN staff to effectively evaluate your future plans?

All they can do is verify past utilization, and accept that your
of future plans is what you indeed intend to do and is in line with the
number resource request that was made.

If you want to make number resource allocations be based *solely* on
past utilization that can be verified, how on earth is any new company
supposed to come into existence, with no past to be verified?  All they
have are projections for the future.  That's all any of us had when we
got started--great big plans for the future.   Would any of us ever have
been able to get started and grow, if ARIN staff had simply said "sorry,
you don't have a proven track record, so no ASN or IP addresses for you."

If number resources are being granted based on *future* needs and
projections, there is nothing that can be changed about how ARIN staff
respond to requests, because they have no special, magic view into
the future.  None of us do.

If you don't like ARIN POLICY (to use your capitalization again), then
propose a change to the NRPM.

If you think someone has done something bad, file a fraud report.

If you think ARIN staff should be magically able to peer into the future
to figure out if companies are lying about what they plan to do in the
future, you need to get your head out of the comic books, and back
into reality.  We all have optimistic plans for the future.  Not all of
turn out the way we expect.  That doesn't make us criminals, and
punishing networks for not being able to predict the future accurately
would be collectively shooting our foot to spite our face.  :(



[0] see sections Request Size

ISPs may request up to a 24-month supply of IPv4 addresses.

4.3.3. Utilization Rate

Organizations may qualify for a larger initial allocation by providing
appropriate details to verify their 24-month growth projection.

The basic criterion that must be met is a 50% utilization rate within 24
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