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If you wish that we investigate this matter, please submit a report of the
suspected Internet number resources fraud as per this process https://

Thank you John, but I must decline that generous invitation for the following
three good and compelling reasons:

 1)  I cannot, in all honesty and good conscience, report something as
     "fraud" where the set of pertinent facts, as I have elaborated them,
     *do not* suggest that there has been any fraud, deceit, or
     misrepresentation of any kind, at least not on the part of the member
     organization in question.

Ronald -

If you are correct in your assertions, then the organization will have made a representation of significant connection to the ARIN region in order to be issued number resources (despite having no such connection) – that would indeed constitute a fraud in the request for Internet number resources.

 2)  I could perhaps just be mis-remembering now, but it is my recollection
     that the last time I inquired about the nature of any possible follow-up
     which ARIN might undertake upon its conclusion of any investigation of
     any case submitted via ARIN's fraud reporting form that neither the
     original reporter, not the ARIN membership, nor the ARIN community,
     nor the public at large would ever be informed of the results of any
     inquiry that had been trigged by a fraud report submitted to ARIN.

ARIN issues quarterly summaries of the results of investigation into fraud reports – https://www.arin.net/reference/tools/fraud_report/results/
This reports are not detailed as they nearly always represent a matter which is legal in nature and pending final determination.

 3)  The case of 1337 Services LLC (SL-206), which I have gone to some lengths
     to carefully research and document, raises a host of other questions and
     concerns about ARIN's ability and willingness to enforce existing
     ratified policies.  It is my feeling that you, John, as CEO, should
     openly address these concerns and questions, and not simply endeavor
     to bury them all behind the opaque wall of silence that would seem to
     be ARIN's formalized "fraud" reporting process.

ARIN will not publicly discuss details of specific requests for number resources, but does welcome reports of possible fraud and investigates them fully.

Best wishes,

John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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