[arin-ppml] Spammers openly selling ARIN lists

Jay Hennigan jay at impulse.net
Mon Jan 10 18:24:43 EST 2022

ARIN management - this just received. Any chance of a Cease and Desist? 
Full headers on request.

    **** Spam hawking spamming services below ***

From: Nancy Ward <nancy.ward at usamarketingsolution.com>
To: [me]
Subject: Re: American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Leads 2022

Hi there,

I’m contacting you to learn if you would be interested in purchasing the 
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Leads 2022 for your sales, 
marketing, and promotional activities.

The List Contains: Name, Company's Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, 
Title, Email address, Complete Mailing Address, Company revenue, size, 
Web address, etc.

Contacts include:  Key decision-makers

Ø  Operator, Carrier, Service Provider, VAR, Systems Integrator, Device 

Ø  Infrastructure Provider, Consultant, Software, Application Development

Ø  Telecom Software Provider, Gov't, Utility, Enterprise, Telecom 
Equipment Manufacturer

Ø  Business and Technology Leaders, CTOs, Channel & Partner Managers, 
Business Development Managers

Ø  Analysts & Infrastructure Teams from Cloud Service Providers, 
Telecommunications, ISPs

Ø  ISVs and the IT Channel and Industry serving the cloud community.

If this sounds of any value, please specify your requirement in detail 
so that I can share a few Business contacts just for your review.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards

Nancy Ward

Demand Generation Specialist

     If you do not wish to receive future emails from us, please reply 
as “opt-out”

    **** End spam hawking spamming services ***

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