[arin-ppml] Potentially black listed space

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Thu Aug 11 18:59:19 EDT 2022

On Thu, Aug 11, 2022 at 11:21 AM WOOD Alison * DAS
<Alison.WOOD at das.oregon.gov> wrote:
> It has been brought to the attention of the Policy Experience Working Group that in rare circumstances it is possible that Internet resources re-issued from revoked RSA space may have been on a block list or currently routed.  The ARIN staff  is very careful to make sure that any reissued space is not routed so as to cause some unaware 3rd party problems with their business as well as the new holder.  ARIN also aims to avoid providing space that appears on block lists and is diligent in researching these issues.
> As a community, would you like to see clarification in section 4.1.8, stating something like:  Space revoked per the RSA has had no substantial routing table usage since revocation and has met a six month hold time?


I'd like folks on the wait list to have the option to accept "dirty"
space. Not all uses need clean address space, private internets and
IXes to name two.

That said, I agree with the other respondents that there's no urgent
need to spell this out in policy.

I think it'd be cool (though not a serious proposal) to cycle
recovered space through the TLD roots before returning it to users.
Oh, you can't reach .com anymore? How's that static filtering working
out for you?

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