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> Good afternoon PPML:
> It has been brought to the attention of the Policy Experience Working
> Group that in rare circumstances it is possible that Internet resources
> re-issued from revoked RSA space may have been on a block list or currently
> routed.  The ARIN staff  is very careful to make sure that any reissued
> space is not routed so as to cause some unaware 3rd party problems with
> their business as well as the new holder.  ARIN also aims to avoid
> providing space that appears on block lists and is diligent in researching
> these issues.


> As a community, would you like to see clarification in section 4.1.8,
> stating something like:  Space revoked per the RSA has had no substantial
> routing table usage since revocation and has met a six month hold time?
If the only option to fulfill my waitlist request was getting revoked
space(dirty) I would take it. Is leaving well enough alone (discretionary)
causing some other issue?

Hope that helps. Hopefully I understood this.

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