[arin-ppml] Potentially black listed space

Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 14:43:26 EDT 2022


I think this is something unnecessary.
It is good that ARIN is careful about making sure reissued space is not 
routed or present in blocklists before assigning it to a new holder, but 
should not be obligatory, specially in times of IPv4 exhaustion.
Between assigning something to an organization that requires it to exist 
in the Internet and not assigning at all, some may choose to receive the 
space and deal with the issue afterwards.

The reason a block may be in a blacklist is out of the control of ARIN 
and it should reduce the capacity to do its duties which is assign space 
to organizations because of a 3rd party problem that it is not their 
duty to resolve. Therefore leave it without it and perhaps at maximum 
have a minimum time hold time.

Fernando Frediani

PS: It seems to be a hell the existence of these type of blacklists that 
don't look to have any criteria to add or removed addresses, ending up 
some space to stay there indefinitively. There may be blacklists to be 
used for blackhole or similar proposes, but be restricted to a DDoS 
mitigation scenario, not to have addresses permanently banned.
If there are serious issues regarding IP space being used for criminal 
activities this should be seriously treated via the appropriate abuse 
contacts and at the worst case scenario be brought to the attention to 
the RIR and be considered IP space missusage. I don't think anyone can 
defend in such cases that the RIR should not have anything to do with 
the way that IP space is used.

Last and not less important there are blacklist that are targeted to be 
used only for spam combat and in such cases there is absolutely no 
issues with having certain IP space present there. I have seen cases 
where people confuse things and believe those lists are to be applied 
for any type of Internet traffic.

On 11/08/2022 15:21, WOOD Alison * DAS wrote:
> Good afternoon PPML:
> It has been brought to the attention of the Policy Experience Working 
> Group that in rare circumstances it is possible that Internet 
> resources re-issued from revoked RSA space may have been on a block 
> list or currently routed.  The ARIN staff  is very careful to make 
> sure that any reissued space is not routed so as to cause some unaware 
> 3rd party problems with their business as well as the new holder. 
>  ARIN also aims to avoid providing space that appears on block lists 
> and is diligent in researching these issues.
> As a community, would you like to see clarification in section 4.1.8, 
> stating something like:  Space revoked per the RSA has had no 
> substantial routing table usage since revocation and has met a six 
> month hold time?
> Thanks!
> -Alison
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