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English education will be a great institution for this.

On Wed, Aug 10, 2022 at 8:41 PM Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com>

> In message <
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> Martin Hannigan <hannigan at gmail.com> wrote:
> >You can't describe a single bad act related to $state of a corporation in
> >any US commonwealth, state, province or possession
> Well, the term "bad act" is potentially rather broad, and might cover a
> whole
> lot of things that aren't even unambiguously illegal in the jurisdictions
> where they originate.  But as a general matter, it was never my intent to
> prove what you call "bad acts" on the part of any specific or individual
> resource holder, nor would any such proofs even be relevant here.  This is
> not
> thet Bad Acts mailing list.  This is the ARIN public policy maling list,
> and
> the only things that are relevant here are ARIN policies and procedures,
> and
> I've provided ample evidence here, AS YOU DEMANDED, to support my primary
> con-
> tention that there exist entities, and perhaps even many entities, that
> have
> been formally and irreversably dissolved within their home jurisdictions
> and
> that nontheless continue to be registrants of (scarce) ARIN number
> resources.
> I understand that this continued mis-allocation of scare resources to long-
> dissolved corporate entities doesn't bother you in the slightest.  That's
> fine.
> You are entitled to your opinion.  I however see the situation as being at
> least problematic, and I suspect that most or all of the organizations
> which
> have been waiting patiently for months on the ARIN Wait List for fresh
> resources
> do also.
> I suppose that we could ask them.  Shall we do that?
> Regards,
> rfg
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