[arin-ppml] Deceased Companies?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Wed Aug 10 03:50:04 EDT 2022

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Martin Hannigan <hannigan at gmail.com> wrote:

>So you're the only right person on planet earth? I admire that.

I can't recall having made any such assertion.

>You already admitted you had zero data to backup your claims. *Stop wasting
>our time, Ron. *

I also have no clear recollection of having said that, but even if I did,
that was then and this is now, and I've done some research over the past
couple of days that's turned up a number of dead/defunct/dissolved corporate
entities that remain as ARIN customers.

So, you want data?  Here's some data for you to chew on.  I have listed
below twenty eight (28) different dead/dissolved ARIN resource customers.
The non-legacy stuff is listed first, followed by the legacy stuff.

I believe that I have been conservative in formulating this list, i.e. I'm
only listing ARIN resource customers that I am fairly certain are in fact,
and provably defunct, legally speaking.  But of course, if I have made
any mistakes, then I'd be grateful to be enlightened about those.

If these 28 companies aren't enough for you, then by all means let me know,
because there's plenty more where these came from, and as I said, it is
pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel to find these things.


CENTA-3 - Centauri Communications (US/CA - dissolved) (unrouted)

CTC-211 - Azure Technology Co., Limited (US/CO - dissolved)
	(foormerly CloudDOS Technology Co. Limited - Hong Kong)

2020N - 2020Net, Inc. (US/VA - never registered??) (unrouted)

2CHEC 2checkout.com, Inc. (US/GE,OH - status: withdrawn)

111S One Eleven Internet Services (US/IL - Dissolved)

1UWEB - 1U Web, INC. (US/CA - never registered??)

INTER-1366 - Internex Inc. (US/FL - dissolved - 09/28/2012)


1000KL - 1000Klub Software (US/CA - never registered) (unrouted)

101INT - 101 International, inc. (US/CA - surrendered) (unrouted)

1CCC - 1990 CyberNet Communications Corporation (CA/BC - Inactive) (unrouted) (unrouted) (unroured)

1SS - 100 Percent Software Solutions, Inc. (US/CO - Administratively Dissolved)

1UPCOM 1-Up Computing (US/CO - dissolved)
	(note: name chagned to UPLINK COMPUTING SOLUTIONS, INC) (unrouted)

22SOLU - 22 Solutions (US/CA - never registered) (unrouted) (unrouted)

2500AD - 2500 AD Software, Inc. (US/CO - never registered) (unrouted)

2CS-1 - 21st Century Systems, Inc. (US/CA - never registered) (unrouted)

3CC - 3C Consulting Corporation (US/IL - dissolved) (unrouted)

3KASSO - 3k Associates, Inc. (US/VA - Inactive/Terminated as of 07/31/2018) (unrouted)

NAAINE - Naai Net, Inc. (US/CA - never registered) (unrouted)

NAC-16 - Network Architecture Consulting Incorporated (US/CA - never registered) (unrouted)

NAI - North American International (US/IN - dissolved)

HAMILT - Hamilton Communications (US/CA - never registered) (unrouted)

PATHFI - PathFinders (US/KS - never registered) (unrouted)

MSCIMGT - Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc. (US/MN - withdrawn) (unrouted) (unrouted) (unrouted)

REACHS - Reach Software (US/CA - surrendered/terminated) (unrouted) (unrouted)

CBFSYS - CBF Systems, Inc. (US/MI - existance ceased - 2008)
	(aka "VMP MORTGAGE SOLUTIONS, INC.") (unrouted)

OPT-4 - Open Port Technology, Inc. (US/IL - dissolved - 1 July 2006) (unrouted)

TCGCL - Thomas Cook Group ( Canada ) Ltd. (CA/ON - inactive/discontinued) (unrouted)

SINIST-2 - Sinister and Solitary (US/ME - never registered)

[*] Note: Some long-dead entities may have ceased to exist so long ago that
now there are no records of even their existance anymore, either on the web,
or in any modern data base.

P.S.  The two non-legacy entities listed above as "never registered" are real
mysteries.  Was there a period of time when someone could come to ARIN
and simply _claim_ that they represented a (non-existant) corporate entity
and when the ARIN staff would just shrug, not check anything, and just say
"OK, here you go!  Here are your address blocks!" ?  Beats me!  All I know
is that I haven't been able to find any records or even past mentions of
these companies that would serve to clearly indicate that either of them
ever existed at all.

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