[arin-ppml] Deceased Companies?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Tue Aug 9 17:09:41 EDT 2022

In message <69ED05B4-AFC0-48EA-B466-417B2DAB4352 at arin.net>, 
John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

>    From where I am sitting, and based on my substantial knowledge of ARIN's past actions,
>    your answer sounds an awful lot like "No, we're not going to do that.  We have better
>    things to do."
>Actually, my meaning is absolutely clear based on plain language usage -
>We _will_ endeavor to look into such situations and correct where possible

Great!  When?

In October of 2020, a spokesperson for ARIN was quoted by journalist Brian Krebs as
saying that the matter of the long-ago dissolution of Centauri Communications
(CENTA-3) would be investigated:


It is now August, 2022, and the evidence of ARIN's commitment to investigating such cases
(or rather, the utter lack thereof) is now crystal clear and evident for all to see.  A
full 21 months later and the ARIN staff has done absolutely nothing to either investigate
or action this case in any way.

This isn't ambiguous.  We have the reciepts.  ARIN was informed.  ARIN said it would
investigate.  ARIN did nothing.  ARIN lied.

And yet here you are, repeating the lie yet again, and still falsely claiming that ARIN
"_will_ endeavor to look into such situations and correct where possible".

The problem is that ARIN won't.  The evidence is clear.  ARIN just won't.

(I was wrong in my prior email to suggest that ARIN would give a low priority to the task
of reclaiming number resources from dead companies.  In fact, the evidence is clear that
ARIN has given and will give this effort ZERO priority... or maybe even a negative

>    And finally, could you please explain, John, how your reluctance to reclaim those
>    valuable IPv4 assets from dissolved and now non-existant corporate entities comports
>    with ARIN's basic mission to be good shepherds of ARIN's finite and limited resources?
>    Because I'm not seeing it.
>There's no reluctance on ARIN's part to researching any reports submitted and taking
>appropriate action - including "reclaim(ing)  those valuable IPv4 assets from dissolved 
>and now non-existant corporate entities"

You are prevaricating John, and the facts regarding Centauri Communications demonstrate
otherwise.  ARIN was informed about this case over 21 months ago, and an ARIN spokesperson
at that time confirmed to Brian Krebs that this case would be investigated.  However as
anybody who knows how to use the ARIN WHOIS server can plainly see, absolutely nothing
has changed with respect to this long-dead entity and/or the several IPv4 blocks that
were and are registered to it (and that are now being squatted on by _somebody_) in all
of the past 21 months.

I remind you also that official California State records indicate that this company has
been dead and dissolved for TEN YEARS.

Would you care to explain John?

Why has ARIN staff utterly failed to keep its commitment to investigate this case,
and/or to reclaim the associated IPv4 blocks, even a full 21 months after making
a commitment to do so?

Why does ARIN continue to allow unknown squatters WHO HAVE NO RSA CONTRACT WITH ARIN
to use the four IPv4 blocks assigned to the long-dead Centauri Communications?

Why must the pending IPv4 requests of numerous live and legitimate organizations
languish unfulfilled for months on end on the ARIN Wait List when there are blocks
being squatted on, illegally and without any contract, that ARIN is simply turning
a blind eye towards?


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