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Hope this email finds you in good health!

Please see my comments below; inline...

Le ven. 5 août 2022 à 22:23, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at tristatelogic.com> a
écrit :

> In message <985AEE56-362C-47CB-A6A9-C1F296573D1B at arin.net>,
> John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:
> >> ...
> >> [...]
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> >> Can any kind soul enlighten me
> >> on this point?
> >
> >If one engages with ARIN to obtain new resources (or make any similar
> substantial
> >change to their number resource holdings), ARIN will seek entry into the
> current RSA
> >if the present agreement is more than two versions back.   We don't
> update the RSA
> >very often, but feel that some leeway in this regard is still operational
> sound and helps
> >reduce administrative overhead of working with ARIN.
> Thank you for this info John.
> My own feelings on this are quite entirely different.  Although a case can
> be made
> that it is a laudable goal to reduce the "administrative overhead" that
> resource-
> holding entities must deal with, that consideration is, I believe, far
> outweighed
> by the value, to the community. to the membership, and yes, even to the
> staff, of
> having as many resource holders as possible bound by the exacting legal
> language
> of the latest and greatest RSA at all times.  In fact, if by some miracle
> I were
> to be elected king of ARIN tomorrow, I would immediately decree that all
> resource
> holders that have ever entered into an RSA or LRSA contract with ARIN
> would be
> obliged to sign and submit a fresh and up-to-date new RSA or LRSA with
> ARIN annually,
> in conjunction with their annual fee payments.

Hi Ronald,
Thanks for your email, brother!

...imho! it could be done; maybe by launching a digital signature service
(externally or outsourced)

It could be of great help, in the need of identifying
dead/closed Orgs. Combining it with a direct ARIN
action, could offer an interesting mean to clear, the
INR's waiting list.
Action like:

| Associate corresponding allocated IPv4 blocks to
| AS0 in creating RPKI ROAs; for a given transitional
| time in order to stop any squatting activities.

> That having been said, I understand that I might possibly be the one and
> only
> person in the community holding such a view.


No! don't think so, brother :'-(

> Even so, acquiring new number
> resources from ARIN staff is, for most resource holders, a somewhat rare
> but
> very significant event, and I believe that it is not and would not be an
> undue
> burden on any resource holder to sign and submit a new, fresh, and
> up-to-date
> RSA or LRSA as a condition of being granted any new number resources.
> That having been said, I understand that this also should be the subject
> of its
> own separate and formal policy proposal.  I will endeavor to create such.

...can i join you?
Let me know if you accept any help, brother :-)


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