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If you find a Whois entry that reflects resources assigned to a clearly dissolved entity,
feel free to report it here:  https://account.arin.net/public/whoisinaccuracy/report
(Include sufficient detail to facilitate our verification of this status)

We will endeavor to look into such situations and correct where possible - considering
that (as you did above) we have limited resources that must be prioritized across many

My compliments John.  I literally cannot recall the last time I encountered such a
well-crafted and well-phrased non-committal non-responsive non-answer.

From where I am sitting, and based on my substantial knowledge of ARIN's past actions,
your answer sounds an awful lot like "No, we're not going to do that.  We have better
things to do."

Actually, my meaning is absolutely clear based on plain language usage –

We _will_ endeavor to look into such situations and correct where possible

Is it true that, as shown here: https://www.arin.net/resources/guide/ipv4/waiting_list/
there are currently approximately 407 different organizations that are awaiting the
availability of IPv4 free pool resources, and that some of these have been waiting in
the ARIN Wait List for very nearly seven full months for IPv4 block availability?


Would you agree or disagree with the clearly evident fact that the organization
denoted in the ARIN WHOIS data base via the handle CTC-211 is currently the
registrant of the equivalent of an entire /17 IPv4 block, and that this same
organization is and has been listed in public records available on the Colorado
Secretary of State's web site as having been formally dissolved, by the State,
in a formal legal action, nearly four full years ago?

Would you agree or disagree that whoever is using those several IPv4 blocks that
remain assigned to that organization (CTC-211) after it entered into an RSA contract
with ARIN *and* after that organization was legally dissolved by the State of Colorado
has no legal right to use the space, and that thus, whoever is doing that now is in
fact simply squatting on that /17 worth of valuable IPv4 space?

I have not reviewed the available information, as ARIN has a very able Registration
Services Team that will handle such with appropriate diligence (if a report is submitted...)

Would you agree or disagree that if an entire /17 worth of IPv4 address space were
returned to the ARIN free pool, that this could be used, eventually, to satisfy the
pending requests of at least thirty two (32) different live and deserving organizations
that are currently languishing patiently on the ARIN wait list?

That’s a logical conclusion in light of the maximum approved prefix sizes for issuance
under the present waiting list policy.

And finally, could you please explain, John, how your reluctance to reclaim those
valuable IPv4 assets from dissolved and now non-existant corporate entities comports
with ARIN's basic mission to be good shepherds of ARIN's finite and limited resources?
Because I'm not seeing it.

There’s no reluctance on ARIN’s part to researching any reports submitted and taking
appropriate action - including “reclaim(ing)  those valuable IPv4 assets from dissolved
and now non-existant corporate entities”

(At the present time, I only see reluctance on your part to reporting such entities to ARIN.)

It is clear from your prior answer, quoted above, that it is your view is that
reclaiming scarce assets from dead and defunct corporate entities so that ARIN can
redistribute them to live and deserving organizations is, and properly should be
"low priority" for ARIN staff, like as if you all had something better or more
pressing to do.

ARIN has not been directed by the community in any policy to embark on a general review
of all entities in the ARIN database looking for “dead and defunct corporate entities” - so if
this is what you are suggesting, then you are correct - such a task would be very low priority

If you are referring to researching those entities reported to ARIN and taking appropriate
action, then you would be incorrect – ARIN will pursue such reports as they are received.

Please explain this to me then.  What job is higher priority for you and for the
ARIN staff than actively managing the scarce resources that have been entrusted
to your care in a way so as to insure that worthy organizations can obtain those
resources in preference to illegal squatters?  Are you and the entire ARIN staff
all just too busy making reservations for your upcoming all-expense-paid trips to
Hollywood, California for the ARIN 50 meeting in October to allow you folks time
to intelligently administer the number resources that have been assigned to ARIN
by IANA?

I confess I'm confused.  How can you justify *not* immediately reclaiming these
resources John?  How can you justify that decision?  (And it *is* a decision,
even if the decision is to do nothing.)  How can you justify this decision to the
community, to the deserving organizations on the Wait List, or even to yourself?

“Immediately reclaiming”?   ARIN doesn’t immediately do _anything_,  because the duty
to which you refer includes protecting those who may hold rights to particular number
resources in the registry despite having very limited or even no contact with ARIN…
This means acting with appropriate diligence and care in the administration of the registry,
and carefully reviewing any reports received.   I do understand that you consider the
particular example cited to be perfectly obviously such that it warrants immediate action,
but as seen on this mailing list in your prior missives, such claims can be mistaken.

Submit a report of those “dead and defunct corporate entities” that you’d like reviewed
(or don’t, as you prefer) – the power lies within your hands to have these addressed.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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