[arin-ppml] Deceased Companies

Fernando Frediani fhfrediani at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 23:03:12 EDT 2022

On 08/08/2022 22:24, Jay Hennigan wrote:
> <clip>
>> So no, you are NOT correct.  It IS ARIN's business what you are doing 
>> with your large legacy block.
> If you haven't signed an LRSA, how is it any of ARIN's business what 
> you do with your legacy block?
It has been already explained here.
If community chooses to have a policy in that sense to deal with these 
resources a signed contract or not is irrelevant.

Bottom line is it doesn't matter the reason, these blocks should not be 
held idle just because someone decades ago received them. Addresses are 
to connect people to the Internet, not to be help idle another decade 
just because some organizations have some weird strategy to keep them 
that way damaging the capacity to have more people connected.

By the way, it is common people don't like to have to any kind of 
questions or to have to give any explanations, but for standard blocks 
it is always of of ARIN or any RIR business how they blocks are used.
Blocks were once assigned and justified on a need basis and according to 
certain rules. If these blocks are found to be used for proposes that 
are contrary to those rules at the best scenario the resource holder has 
to give enough explanations in order to keep them otherwise they may be 


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