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Aaron Dudek adudek16 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 20:35:33 EDT 2022

On Monday, August 8, 2022, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at ipinc.net> wrote:

> On 8/8/2022 9:10 AM, Aaron Dudek wrote:
>> What I do with my large address block as a corporation is not really any
>> of your concern.
> This is false.

 we disagree. you cannot tell said corporations how to use their address
space. unless you work for them.

> If I am not announcing them now but plan to some date in the futre.  It
>> doesn't matter.
> Yes, it does.

i’m not sure of your point.

> If there was a remote possibility that the corporation may connect to the
>> Internet, then it could justify requesting unique addresses/Non-RFC1918.
>> As long as they fulfilled the requirements when they requested them
>> either from ARIN or Network Solutions
>> then there is nothing ARIN can do in regards to the legacy space.
> It would be impossible for a corporation that adopted the attitude that
> "it's none of your business what I do with my large legacy block" to
> legally fulfill the requirements to request additional space to connect to
> the Internet.
> who said anything about requesting more space?

> If a corporation has legacy address space and is not connected to the
> Internet, then when it DOES connect, it MUST use that legacy space
> to make that connection.  Unless, it can successfuly justify to ARIN,
> and by extension us, that it has reached the utilization threshold of
> that block.

i do not disagree, but ARIN is not involved in what said corporation
announces. That is between the ISPs.

> LargeCo that has an /8 cannot go to an ISP like, for example, Comcast
> and request so much as a /29 from Comcast's own pool to stick on the
> outside of a network address translator UNLESS they justify utilization of
> that /8

Disagree.  They certainly can. Do i think that any ISP would do it? I
cannot say.

> So no, you are NOT correct.  It IS ARIN's business what you are doing with
> your large legacy block.

if the addresses where given pre ARIN, disagree.Might be handled by
different parts of the organization. Not everyone plays nice. Yes it would
then be an internal  issue for said company since they would have an
impossible task otherwise.

> Sorry, you cannot be an arrogant ?@?#?$% on this issue today.

No need to get personal. i have zero vested interest in this. just giving a
valid mega corporation attitude. At least Im not saying migrate to IPV6.

> Ted
> PS  In practice large co's typically don't act like that on this
> issue and will provide information on "what they do with their large
> allocation" if asked.  Sorry to ruin your straw man argument, lol.

I would agree, but i recognize that those that gave may not always care. i
certainly have seen many tget have dine the right thing.

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