[arin-ppml] ARIN actions regarding address blocks with no valid POCs (was: Re: Deceased Companies?)

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sat Aug 6 22:02:15 EDT 2022

In message <9f1deed6-7de7-aaff-33ff-8b71f4fcb335 at dilkie.com>, 
Lee Dilkie <lee at dilkie.com> wrote:

>The legacy blocks were created and in existence before ARIN took responsibility
>of them and while ARIN could simply take them all back, with no regard for
>history, it smacks of "colonialism" to me. You know, where the enlightened
>civilized folks take property from the savages because they can put it to
>better use. Those savages aren't even paying tax (arin fees) so really they
>should have no rights at all.

Even ignoring the rather colorful and vivid imagery of the above statement,
I would suggest that, as a purely pratical matter, it would be highly
inadvisable for ARIN to make any effort to reclaim any of the some 175+
million IPv4 addresses currently assigned to the United States Department
of Defense.

They have tanks.


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