[arin-ppml] Deceased Companies?

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Fri Aug 5 16:48:50 EDT 2022

In message <892467AE-F237-49B1-B854-C5E682397BB8 at arin.net>, 
John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:

>    It is altogether clear to me what must, at the very least be done.  At the
>    very least, the community and/or the membership should give clear guidance,
>    immediately, to John Curran and the ARIN staff regarding what they should
>    do when they become aware, VIA ANY MEANS OR CHANNEL, of the dissolution of
>    any resource-holding entity that has ever signed an RSA agreement with
>    ARIN.
>    ...
>    So, it is clear, to me at least, what must, at a minimum, be done.  The
>    question remains of what process should be used to achieve it.  Should this
>    be a "consultation" or should it instead be a formal policy proposal?
>I would suggest a formal policy proposal; you can find additional informationon 
>submitting such here - https://www.arin.net/participate/policy/pdp/appendix_b/

Thanks for this John.

Would I be correct to infer also from your other comments that the CEO would
have no objection if a policy proposal were put forward to give clear guidance
to ARIN staff, specifying what its response should be to cases of dissolved
resource-holding entities, even if that proposal were generalized so as to apply
to corporate dissolutions of either/both legacy and/or non-legacy organizations?

One other question also John, if you please.

Although I have no objections whatsoever to giving my best effort to drafting
and defending a policy proposal on the topic of dissolved resource-holding
entities, I am well aware that the policy adoption process could possibly
take quite some months.  In the interm. what, if anything, does the CEO feel
either can or should be done, by staff, with respect to such dissolved entities
that may come to staff's attention?  Obviously, having clear and ratified policy
guidance in place is optimal, but I am not persuaded that the current absence
of such clear guidance entirely precludes ARIN staff from appropriately actioning
such cases on its own authority, consistant with ARIN's overall mission of being
good shepherds of limited resources.

Your thoughts?


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