[arin-ppml] Deceased Companies?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Thu Aug 4 20:01:27 EDT 2022

On 7/26/2022 12:50 PM, John Curran wrote:
> if such a case were brought to our attention and the
> resources were not being used, we’d revoke.  If they were in use, we’d try to reach the party
> using them first (as there may be a legal successor after all and we just didn’t identify that
> properly.)

I'm jumping in a bit late but this is sheer baloney. (I'd use a stronger 
word if I could)

I have used the block previously on this list in the 
past as an example of ARIN's nonsense when it comes to reclaiming old 
blocks and to embarrass John Curran when he claims ARIN is cleaning house.

This block is NET-199-248-255-0-1

It has 2 POCs on it that state right in the ARIN database that they are 
currently unvalidated.  So already it is in violation of the NRPM

It has a valid street address on it for Leatherman Tools.  That is 
because LT used this block 2 decades ago (actually more than that) for a 
year or so to connect to their then-ISP, Internet Partners.

LT has zero interest in this block.  They ARE contactable.  They don't 
use this block.  If ARIN contacted them they would be like "ARIN who? 
We get our IP's from our current ISP Wonkulating Gronkulator we don't 
know what you are talking about nor do we care.  By the way would you 
like to buy one of our outdoor knives and gut some fish?"

ARIN could spend 10 minutes on the phone with these guys to ascertain 
that they are not using it.  They aren't jack-holes, they answer the
phone.  And if I am wrong, and they ARE using it, then ARIN could kindly 
inform their IT group to get off the pot and put a valid POC on the 
block and sign the Legacy number agreement.

I have no doubt there are thousands of these tiny legacy blocks 
scattered through the IPv4 number space.  But since they are small ARIN 
thinks they aren't worth going after.  So ARIN just ignores them.  But 
what this ignores is that added together these blocks make up a LOT of 
IPv4.  And it also ignores that spammers love to squat on stuff like this.

I'm a strong IPv6 supporter.  Mailservers on my newer domains are all 
IPv6 compliant.  As is my website.  I have published many help guides 
and so on to assist IPv6 connectivity for people.  My last IPv6 guide 
for Comcast/Xfinity copper connections that I uploaded to Comcast's 
website is apparently authoritative enough for Comcast to refer people 
to it.

But to claim that there's no need for IPv4 is poppycock, and to pretend 
these small blocks are not worth going after is more nonsense.   ARIN 
needs to do a better job of housekeeping.  Maybe assign some of your 
interns to it instead of making coffee LOL.

I have no doubt this block will still be hanging out in the bit bucket 
the next time this topic comes up for me to embarass ARIN's claims they 
are working on the problem.

<major eyeroll>

Ted Mittelstaedt
Portlandia Cloud Services

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