[arin-ppml] Why are v4 and ASN transfers so cheap? Was: Re: {Spam?} Re: Open Letter Regarding 650% Rate-Hike for Legacy Users

Michel Py michel at arneill-py.sacramento.ca.us
Tue Sep 21 23:43:22 EDT 2021

> Martin Hannigan wrote :
> Considering the importance of the transfer market, how much of our time it takes up and
> the fact that the only people getting addresses these days (in volume) are using the
> transfer market there should be a strong argument for a much greater fee recovery and
> community subsidy than what I'm currently reading. Of course, I can be reading it all wrong.

Right, let's make ARIN another shark in the transfer business.
Hey, by leveraging pennies on each transferred IP, everyone else would have ARIN services for free because ARIN could live just of transfer fees.
Why not tax the air you breathe, or each individual email address ? would make a lot of money too.


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