[arin-ppml] Rate Hikes discouraging the use of SWIP is bad (Was Open Letter Thread)

Michael Peddemors michael at linuxmagic.com
Sun Sep 19 16:43:56 EDT 2021

On 2021-09-19 12:54 p.m., David Farmer via ARIN-PPML wrote:
> So, currently end-users don't have access to SWIP, so how do you know 
> they don't have good uses for it? Probably not good enough to pay more, 
> but if it didn't cost more would they find uses for it? It is pretty 
> easy to imagine it could be useful for multijurisdictional end-users to 
> SWIP their offices in different states and countries, and I'm fairly 
> sure there are other uses as well.
> Also, take my WISP or small ISP example, from earlier in the thread, if 
> there is a pricing differential on whether or not they SWIP or not, then 
> you create a financial disincentive for them to SWIP the one or two 
> customers they might have that justify SWIPing.  So then, they either 
> skirt or break the rules, or even worse, they don't serve those 
> customers because that would upset their delicate financial model.

Wow, stopped into the office to catch up on work, and 252 new list 
messages, don't have to time to fully read everyone's opinions, but do 
want to pull this into it's won separate topic.

The state of 'SWIP' is terrible enough as it is, with companies hiding 
behind everything from GDPR to 'cdn' designation, to knowing that 
complaints to ARIN about broken 'rwhois' servers resulting in little 
action (knowing I have reported many, that years later are not actioned)

Now, if pricing is higher based on whether a company offers SWIP, this 
will be a SERIOUS discouragement of doing so.  It's bad enough that many 
operators who hold the highest counts of spammers and other threat 
actors, actually seek out providers that do NOT offer SWIP or rwhois, in 
order to keep their anonymity to better perform their actions.

If ANYTHING, fee schedules should be LESS to the operators that invest 
in the systems and infrastructures to offer SWIP or 'rwhois'.  Fees 
should be HIGHER for those that have inaccurate WHOIS data, including 
POC's and redirects to non-functioning 'rwhois' servers.

My Two Bits..

	-- Michael --

PS, use some of the new fees to go after more strongly those that are 
taking advantage of the systems.. I once stated we need a 'public' 
facing tracking system of reports regarding bad operators who don't 
update their ARIN data, so the public can see how long they have been 
operating without proper information, and the progress ARIN is making to 
deal with these operators.

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