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Paul E McNary pmcnary at cameron.net
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Maybe ARIN and staff should move to Kansas City like the Department of Agriculture did to the Ag Research Science Division. 
They used the facts that it is much cheaper in KC for rent, employee cost of living, central to US. 
The said inside the Beltway was too expensive, so they just up and moved it. 
If ARIN was interested in saving costs, follow the Republicans response to KC. 
People can choose not to go. So be it. 
If The salaried executives do not wish to take a pay cut because cost of living is cheaper. Then they can go. 
This is the way the Republicans choose to reduce government costs. 
I think a not for profit should follow their lead and do the same. 
KC has some of the best worldwide redundant fiber to the world. Much better than DC. 
They have some of the most safe data centers in the world including climate controlled caves. 
I migrated 3 global companies to KC Datacenters and the redundancy in KC let them close the rest of their worldwide datacenters. 
MCI (KCI) International Airport has direct flights to all major hubs in the US. 
Central Airport would make flights to all parts of ARIN region save much on travel money. 
So why does ARIN need to stay inside the Beltway? 


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Since they are a non-profit, they could also cut executive salaries. As of 2019, John was being paid over $546,000 to respond to posts on mailing lists. 

[ https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/541860956 | https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/541860956 ] 
Key Employees and Officers 	Compensation 
MARK KOSTERS (CTO) 	$276,796 

I am tempted to throw gasoline on this fire. However, that isn't productive, nor is this, in light of a serious concern related to the fee structure. Is hare that concern as well. 

If we want good people? We pay. For most of these positions and salaries pay is well below career positions that most of these folks could easily obtain in the industries we/ARIN serves. Nobody is getting rich working at ARIN. John Curran is the face of the organization and it's his job to answer these questions. It may not be his job to answer _every_ question, but speaking for myself: I have zero issue with his pay and duties. 

Fees are ultimately the board's responsibility: [ https://www.arin.net/about/welcome/board/ | https://www.arin.net/about/welcome/board/ ] 

Warm regards, 


FWIW, as much as John and I disagree about the fee structure, I do agree with Marty here. John does an excellent job doing what he does for ARIN and the 
salary he is receiving is probably a substantial pay cut from some of his previous endeavors. I have no issue with any of the people above receiving the 
salaries that they do from ARIN on the same basis described above by Marty. 


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