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Paul E McNary pmcnary at cameron.net
Tue Sep 14 23:09:05 EDT 2021


I have 1 document from him that ARIN will not accept for legacy transfer.
He was a dear friend
He had a fire at his condo on Park Avenue.
I covered his remaining clients until he was back online.
He actually had the fire after selling his condo
But before closing.
The fire destroyed the room that contained his office.
It took a recovery company a year to recover. And $30,000 that his condo owners insurance company paid.
He then moved his corporate info had went stale.
He never updated his ARIN info. I will have to look. He gave all his passwords to his equipment, accounts, etc.
He said I will only ask you to come help his widow if he died for the /24.
I still never got a clear answer from ARIN included Owen.
This is the time when policy on legacy resources was and still is a moving target.
Owen and the ARIN reps said I would just have to try and if they couldn't match they would claw the resources back.
Me and one of my associates drove non-stop 18 hours to were they had moved to.
We spent 10 days closing out his office and printing off anything important.
So how much did that time cost me for something ARIN said they might claw back.
I was sent off with his equipment and VPN contract routing from park ave. to his new location.
I set his server up and am using it on his VPN account paying monthly for that.
We had the VPN billing changed to my credit account.
We have been using his account to manage the legacy /24.
Because we would have been out of business if we hadn't been dear friends.
Since the corporation on the files at ARIN was closed. No match would happen.
He was a sole proprietorship at the time of his death.
ARIN bureaucracy and the ever changing policies with no clear answer from Owen or ARIN staff.
We choose to not try to transfer them.
It would have bankrupted our companies and me personally.
Revenue in the $100's of thousands of dollars on a growing company.
ARIN took forever because we were a sole proprietorship in the State that we are in.
We had to file for a sole proprietorship LLC before they would allow us to have an ASN let alone IPv4.
Then ARIN had run the clock out on us to apply for remaining IPv4 directly.

Then after all the forms filled out with information that did not apply to our business
We did get an IPv6 allocation.
Then we filled and got 1 /24 under the conversion policy.
By the time (over a year) waiting for ARIN making bureaucratic request one after a another.
We had to pay an attorney to understand what they were asking for.
So cheap and simple. NO
ARIN's bureaucratic nightmare almost would have bankrupted us.
If ARIN had not drug out the process until after the IPv4 was exhausted. we could probably justify a /20 which the datacenter clwed back from us.
Thank G-D they let it ride for nearly 2 years until ARIN shit was over.
I tried to get an answer from John and he just walked away from me at a WISPA event like he was swatting a fly.
So John what is is justification for all this shit of a SMB wirking with ARIN serving rural/low density last mile customers.
Then letting the companies are Electric COOPs to have all the resources they.
When we switch to fiber IP's, were $100 a piece adjusted annually based on their current cost to acquire IP's on the market.
/28 was provided into perpetuity included in our bandwidth and connect fees.
Our fiber supplier uses Centerylink in our main location.
But they had exhausted their cross connect contract limit.
Centerlink wanted $2000 per month for additional cross connects were it would have been.
Bandwidth fees have drastically been educed as long as we commit to additional 5 year contracts.
We started out with 200 meg now have 1.5 gig which we can't completely use yet.
They changed their equipment from 1G to 10 gig.
Our most dense areas which are getting overbuilt are on Centurylink cross connects.
Where they are able to deliver us economical bandwidth is in our least dense areas.
5G backhauls to reach the distance to cover our most dense areas are now only delivering 1/2 the capacity the did 2 years ago.
We are in the process in getting our redundant loop from one area to the other.
Licensed backhauls multiple gig link with stable weather fade are very expensive. $20-30,000 dollars for redundant stable links.
Another set of forklifts.
Cheap and simple. NO.
All because of ARIN's bureaucratic nightmare.
Cheap and simple NO HELL NO

John, Owen and ARIN staff you should address these issues that you can't supply resources to remote rural areas to SMB's.

I will assume no response from John with a solution he is slapping us as a fly again

So I would say ARIN has cost us close to $750,000
Simple and cheap?

Paul McNary
pmcnary at cameron.net

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> Paul E McNary wrote :
> Owen you and John speak a version of English we don't speak here.

I feel the same. I read your post, I hear stories like yours all the time.

> And from this conversation I see that even dual stack probably isn't workable yet.

I'm not trying to rub salt into the wound, just making the point I have been making in public for years : think about it : instead of going through all that trouble, what if you had purchased a /22 when it was $20 an IP ? (in 2020, cheaper earlier).

$20K and change. Compare to the forklift upgrade and all the trouble.


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