[arin-ppml] Proposal - Remove Initial Small Assignment Requirements for IPv6

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Tue Sep 14 22:46:36 EDT 2021

Dan Oachs wrote:
> I agree with everything Owen and Albert have been saying in these
> latest threads.  Keep up the good fight.
> I've been running a dual stacked network for a college for over 10
> years now and the rest of the world just needs to hurry up already.
> Heck, my home ISP (Mediacom) has given me IPv6 addresses for around 4
> years too.  You can't expect to keep running the same stuff for
> decades without a firmware/hardware upgrade.  The "internet" is no
> different.  Time to apply the upgrade, reboot, and more on.  :)
> --Dan

Saying that wont make it happen, just like it has not until now.

Hence, IPv6 deployment is continuing to fail.

Perhaps, you could continue your anecdote by detailing what operational 
utility this deployed dual stack has brought the college. I expect that 
at minimum they can game better in-campus, no?

If you can explain to operators and users why it helps them now, odds of 
deployment improve drastically.


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