[arin-ppml] Proposal - Remove Initial Small Assignment Requirements for IPv6

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Mon Sep 13 18:07:49 EDT 2021

Larry R. Dockery wrote:
> I am the proposal author and I will be withdrawing the proposal in light of the routing issue.
> I believe there is a valid concern in IPv6 PA re-addressing for SMBs as outlined in the proposal, but they are occasional and minor in comparison to the routing issues presented by expanding PI availability of smaller assignments.
> Thank you.

The dependency on a viable routing system to route the intended to be 
routed number resources assigned by ARIN would suggest a keen interest 
in its stability is an appropriate concern for the organization.

However, to what extent is routing utility part of ARIN's mission and 
policy focus?

I would suggest that it may be possible and perhaps even feasible and 
maybe maybe even desirable, especially with RPKI to designate assigned 
prefixes as not intended for the global DFZ. In which case, they could 
be used with translation instead of ULA, they could be used in layered 
edge driven multihoming or they could perhaps eventually mature and be 
converted to gDFZ applicable status.

Such an initiative, were it to be successful, might spur wider adoption 
of edge driven multihoming/routing which would actually be beneficial to 
the gDFZ.


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