[arin-ppml] Change of Use and ARIN (was: Re: AFRINIC And The Stability Of The Internet Number Registry System)

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Mon Sep 13 14:13:18 EDT 2021

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> If people spent a tenth of the effort deploying IPv6 as they do fighting
> over whether or not so and so should give up some IPv4 or whether or not
> IPv4 should be leased or not leased, then nobody would be using IPv4 
> at all by now and the IPv4 debate would be a moot issue.
> Ted
> _______________________________________________

As before, I have deployed IPv6, well beyond the point of any demand or 
use for it.

Ideas should not require litmus tests on their originators, they must be 
able to stand on their own and that is how they should be considered.

Those not deploying IPv6 to your standards are not likely among the 
audience here and your opinion on the matter is unlikely to accomplish 
the results you wish for.

IPv6 was deployed in the expectation that the entire network would rush 
to deploy it for the noblest of reasons and abandon practical 

That did not happen. Its not debatable. What is debatable is your 
expectation that we can somehow still expect it to happen. I am of the 
opinion it is unlikely to ever be fully deployed absent of practical 
considerations being met. I suppose you believe it will, or you believe 
that it will become ever more practical.

I am of the opinion that simply waiting for that is not the strategy the 
internet needs now.


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