[arin-ppml] Proposal - Remove Initial Small Assignment Requirements for IPv6

Larry R. Dockery lrdocker at co.douglas.or.us
Mon Sep 13 13:03:10 EDT 2021

I agree, gaming the system is increadibly easy. This work-around has been suggested elsehwere. In fact there is an easier workaround being suggested for virtualy no cost in [c] and [d] requirements.

Meeting these requiremts in these ways is not serving an organzational need nor often even a technical benefit, but instead working specifically to meet the technical requirements bar to achieve the benift of PI addressing. 

Per the requirements, anyone gaming them does not qualify and should not have PI space. The prosal would fix the requiremetns for small organzations so they don't have to choose between being denied and implimeting a technically-true workaround. 

If we want to keep a barrier, it might be appropriate to change the fee schedule so instead of $480/year going to technical satisify the requirement, the money would go direclty to ARIN. Perhaps changing the 3xsmall assignment to $500?


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IPv6 multihoming is such a -low- barrier to entry. You can do it for $40/month worth of VMs.

Do you actually know of someone for whom lack of qualification is the reason they haven't acquired IPv6 addresses from ARIN?

Bill Herrin

William Herrin
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