[arin-ppml] Proposal - Remove Initial Small Assignment Requirements for IPv6

Larry R. Dockery lrdocker at co.douglas.or.us
Mon Sep 13 12:38:57 EDT 2021

Aside from it making ULA+NTPv6 a smart move, perhaps even best practice for the majority of businesses to adopt rather than allow PA-ISP lock-in, no.

With the mentioned routing issue not being sustainable however, my proposal is likely DOA.

Thank you.

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Is there a reason that you think the majority of small businesses that are not going to multi home should
receive PI addresses rather than use PA?

I’m neither in favor nor opposed at this time, but the answer to the above question is pivotal to whether
this proposal serves an actual need or merely panders to the idea of PI for everybody, which until we
change our routing technology to separate locators from identifiers isn’t sustainable.


On Sep 13, 2021, at 07:51 , Larry R. Dockery <lrdocker at co.douglas.or.us<mailto:lrdocker at co.douglas.or.us>> wrote:


I would like to hear community feedback on this proposal. Thank you.
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