[arin-ppml] Changes needed to ARIN Number Resource Policy?

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Sun Sep 12 19:38:10 EDT 2021

John Curran wrote:
> ARIN Public Policy List Participants -
> At this point we’ve enjoyed a long and robust discussion of many topics ranging from merits of leasing address space to the long-term expectations for IPv6 displacement of IPv4.
> I would ask that folks now submit any policy proposals that they feel appropriate so that we may continue discussion on the list in a more focused manner on specific proposals as that is the primary purpose of this mailing list.
> Thanks!
> /John

Any policy that reserved space for new entrants. Any policy that 
prioritizes the tiny over the giants. Any policy that pressured the IETF 
to stop the ridiculous self fulfilling dance on 240/4. Any policy that 
preserves IPv4 usefulness and RiR relevance in the face of increasing 
uncertainty of how long address scarcity will be with us. And if 
absolutely necessary, to get down in the weeds of specifying the types 
of usages that may or may not be considered justification of need.

I might helplessly wade back in the fray for those.


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