[arin-ppml] Change of Use and ARIN (was: Re: AFRINIC And The Stability Of The Internet Number Registry System)

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at tristatelogic.com
Sun Sep 12 00:00:46 EDT 2021

In message <391242690.83333.1631416835397.JavaMail.zimbra at cameron.net>, 
Paul E McNary <pmcnary at cameron.net> wrote:

>We are out of ipv4 IP's.

Not really.  It's just that the ones that we have are very poorly distributed
and also very poorly utilized.

It is technically possible to host 100,000+ web sites on a single IPv4 address.
Is is also technically possible to provide email service for 100,000+ domains
on a single IPv4 address.  Is anybody doing that?  No.  Because the incentives
to do so just aren't there... yet.

If you think that we've run out of IPv4 addresses, talk to the U.S. DoD which
just re-routed 175 million of their 221,971,968 IPv4 addresses, just to use
them as one colossal and record-shattering honeypot.

If you think that we've run out of IPv4 addresses, talk to Comcast and ask
them why they haven't moved to IPv6 and then returned their 79,419,720 IPv4
addresses to the free pool to help everyone out and relieve this artificial
"scarcity" for the benefit of everyone.

If you think that we've run out of IPv4 addresses, talk to AT&T and T-Mobile
and Verizon about the huge piles of IPv4 that each is sitting on.  Or better
yet, talk to the Ford Motor Company, and The Prudential Insurance Comapny,
the U.S. Postal Service, and to Apple, none of whom is a service provider,
and all of whom are individually sitting on an entire /8 or more (i.e.
>= 16,777,728 addresses each).

Then maybe we could ask if Amazon really needs 23.3 million, if IBM really
needs a whole 17.5 million, if Google really needs 13.1 million, if Eli
Lilly really needs 11.5 million, and if Merck really needs 7.2 million,
and if Bank of America really needs 6.2 million.

We're dying of thirst in the middle of Lake Superior.


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